Im gonna start my own thing so yeh~ Having mascot feels right now lol**mas•cot (ˈmæs kɒt, -kət) animal, person, or thing adopted by a group as its symbol and bringer of good luck. Includes anything used to represent a group with a common public identity.
Elizabeth vs Bepo! The battle of the mysterious mascots!
Round 1: Loyalty (How well do they follow/obey their master/captain/owner/friends)
Round 2: Strength (fighting skills)
Round 3: Nakamaship (How much they love their friends/family/owner)
Round 4: Talent (Who is more fab?)
Final Round: Battle of the Masters (Zura vs Law *pfffttttt)
Message me your input per round!!!! Share ideas and all that to decide the winner!Yes yes I know they are both from 2 different series and adverse characters lol. Bottom line is they are both awesome and cute! But who is better? Idk~ That’s why I’m doing nonsense stuff again! :D I love Bepo more obviously, but Elizabeth is awesome too! So yeh. Im making a contest for fun cuz I’m bored lol and I wanna get to know you guys more too~ I’ll use this as an icebreaker~ (pssshhh Im such a loser haha) I wanna know who is gonna win in the final round LOOOOOL omg
you can input here too?

  1. afksoon answered: Bepoo :)
  2. mountainchildgon answered: Elizabeth.. Bepo is cute but haven’t really seen much of him
  3. orangecatallena answered: Elizabeth
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